BEAUTY is essential for our evolution towards an AUTHENTIC HUMANISM. 

Pierre Rabhi      

Welcome to Aethics agency. 

Because we are all in the same ship, we collaborate in a total responsible way with committed creatives and clients – from innovative start-ups, brands, NGOs, associations and many other adopting ethical practices and/or willing to do so.  

Our mission 

Our mission is to help brands convey their message with authenticity and design in order to create compelling communication that make a positive impact on their audience.  

Our purpose 

Our purpose is to UNITE, UPLIFT and EMPOWER everyone to thrive the world today and transform the world of tomorrow thanks to the union of Ethics and Aesthetics  

Our thinking

The social and environmental impact of a brand is a growing concern for consumers. Nevertheless, consumers do not trust brands when they express their positive contribution in communication. Consumers expect authenticity, traceability and transparency from a brand. 

That is why, at Aethics agency, we firstly define a message that makes sense and express the values of a brand in order to build consumer’s confidence.

In a fast-moving and overwhelming world, visual aesthetics attracts consumer’s perception and attention as well as creates an emotional value. 

Therefore, at Aethics agency, after creating a relevant message, we advise and guide our client on their visual communication.  We believe in the powerful combination of ethics and aesthetics to engage the consumer into making the world a better place.

I believe that if it makes sense for me, it could for someone else.

During my professional experience in communication and marketing, I often noted a contradiction between aesthetics and ethics. Given that consideration, I decided to create a branding consulting agency combining beauty and sustainability

Shouldn’t  these two disciplines working together to create an emotion and give sense, a key driver for ourselves as human being?

Justine Deridder

I am a branding expert with over five years of experience in marketing and communication strategies.

I define an impactful brand strategy in line with the brand purpose, mission and values of the company as well as coordinate all the production of communication assets – from building the brand strategy, finding the creative insights, and managing the briefing, the planning, the budget, the execution and the follow-up of each campaign.

Amongst others, I worked for global footprint companies, including luxury groups such as Richemont and L’Oréal as well as communication bodies like the award-winning PR agency Weber Shandwick.

Throughout my career, by being in charge of brand identity and integrated campaigns, I gained project management skills as well as a creative and analytical mindset.


With a Master Degree in advertising and more recently a Certificate in digital marketing, I am passionate about how fast communication is evolving and keeps an eye on each new technologic update.

As a team player with a challenging mindset, I experienced various industries – luxury, entertainment and media, press and healthcare – from local to international, on the client and agency side.

Today, I put my communication and marketing skills at the service of what matters for me : better ethics in the world.

As an animal lover with a strong sense of justice, I adopt a more conscious lifestyle on a daily basis.

Born in Brussels, Justine is based in Geneva, Switzerland. She is fluent in French and English.



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