Join the #PlasticFreeJuly Challenge

Plastic is part of our daily life – when we are grabbing a cup of coffee, doing our groceries, wrapping our food, buying beauty products,  clothes, lunch… 

The problem is that we use plastic briefly but it lasts forever. Once thrown in the trash, it continues to have a life of hundred years. Indeed, most of it ends up in the ocean where it takes hundred of years to break down. It creates garbage islands and has terrible impact on marine life.

This month is the #PlasticFreeJuly Challenge. Are your ready to be part of the movement and refuse single-used plastics?  Above all, be prepared by asking yourself on which occasions you uses single-use plastics. You’ll see that plastic is really part of our daily life!

Let’s discover small changes that make a massive a difference:

– Bring reusable coffee cups at your local café

– Refuse plastic straws and/or bring your reusable ones (made from stainless steel, bamboo or others)

– Choose reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic ones. There are socially-responsible & environmental-friendly alternatives @s’well @ocean bottle

– Use reusable bags to do your groceries @turtle bags

– Buy unpacked products and/or use packagings made from recycled plastic and/or bring your own reusables ones

–  Use beeswax wraps to pack your food. It’s  a great alternative from clingfilm (made of PVC). You can also DIY

– Prefer beauty brands that banish plastic packagings @lush  You can also use bar soaps and/or DIY your cosmetics.

– Invest in a biodegradable bamboo or wooden toothbrush @truthbrush It takes around 500 years for a plastic toothbrush  to break down 

– Choose plastic-free period products. See our post on instagram @aethics_stories with sustainable alternatives.

– Avoid as much as possible plastic in your wardrobe (polyester, acryclic, nylon…). Try to buy organic cotton, organic linen & recycled fabrics.



More than switching to sustainable alternatives, try to adopt on a daily basis the 3R’s mindset : REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE. Reduce what you buy – do I really need this? What are the sustainable alternatives? Reuse items as much as possible and Recycle correctly.

As it’s easier together, speak about the challenge with your family, friends and/or colleagues… to motivate them to take the challenge too.

Many small acts can have great impact! 

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